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Name and Objective

The West Lothian Angling Association (WLAA) is constituted:-
To provide, protect and improve fishing’s in West Lothian
To undertake other services on behalf of the members as they decide

In furtherance of these objectives the WLAA shall own or lease fishing’s or other properties and
enter into contracts for the supply of goods and services to a value not greater than the assets
of WLAA or assets pledged by it’s members.

The membership shall consist of:-
Junior (9 – 16 Years inclusive)
Individual membership is open to all members of the general public.
The Club shall not discriminate against any individuals applying for membership.
Individual members of the Club shall be issued with tickets identifying those members;
these must be shown on demand to a Committee Member, Bailiff, Law Officer or
other authorised person.
All members shall be bound by the Constitution and Rules.

The expenses of the WLAA shall by met by:-
Member’s subscription, sale of permits to the public and such income earning
activities as may be determined by the Committee.
A condition of membership shall be that all members have paid their subscription in accordance
with the terms and conditions agreed by the members at an Annual General meeting.
The accounts presented to the Annual General Meeting shall be audited by an
independent person.

The Office Bearers of the Club shall be :-
Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer.
Non Office Bearers - 3 Member Representatives.
The Office Bearers shall be elected annually at the General Meeting and in the event
of any intervening vacancy the committee shall be empowered to appoint
The Committee’s authority to conduct the business of the Club shall be total except
when specifically instructed by the members in general meeting.
Quorum – a Quorum shall be formed of five members of whom at least two should be
Office Bearers of the Club.
If not attending three consecutive Meetings without notification of absence to the
Secretary, a Committee Member shall forfeit membership of the Committee.
General Meetings

An Annual General Meeting shall be held on the last Monday of November.
The business of the Annual General Meeting shall be to receive reports of the Office
Bearers, approve accounts, and establish subscription fees, elect Office Bearers
and such other competent business as may be determined by the Committee or
requested by any member.
Office Bearers shall be elected by simple ballot.
Status of Constitution

The Club shall not be dissolved nor the Constitution or Rules altered except at a General
Meeting and when at least 21 days notice has been given to all members.
Special General Meeting

In the event of Dissolution of the Club a General Meeting shall be called to discuss how the
Club assets and monies shall be transferred to the River Forth Fisheries Trust (SC040311) or
its successor. Under no circumstances shall the remaining assets or monies be distributed
among members.

Members of the Club shall be subject to the Rules of the Club.