What We Do

wlaa Wed, 01/27/2016 - 14:12

Our Focus:

West Lothian Angling Association was established to Provide, Promote and Protect angling opportunities within West Lothian.

Provide Angling Opportunities:

We currently lease 8 miles of double bank fishing on the river Almond between Kirkton Weir & Clifton Aqueduct which is made available to members and is also be available to visiting anglers through day tickets.
We will work to improve access to fishing provided by the association, this will include better access for disabled anglers and a safer, cleaner environment for all.
We will make fishing permits available through various outlets both online and on the high street.
We will host special events to increase opportunities for non anglers to try the sport and become involved in local projects we run.
We will provide angling opportunities using all common fishing methods including Fly, Bait & Spinning.

Promote Angling Locally:

We will use all available resources to increase awareness of angling opportunities provided by the association.
We will host an annual event open to all members of the public to promote all aspects of angling and encourage greater participation in our sport.


In order to protect angling opportunities for the future we will work in partnership with local and national organisations improve the environmental status of our waters.
We will contribute to the River Almond Management Plan tackling invasive species, fish migration, fish population and pollution related issues.
We will involve members wherever possible in projects we run or those run by partners to increase knowledge amongst local anglers of river habitat management.
We will adhere to a set of rules and regulations that have been designed with fish conservation in mind and seek to improve angling practices.