Unexpected opening

wlaa Sun, 03/27/2016 - 11:37

I was presented with an opportunity to open my season on Friday, my kids were visiting family in Livingston which left me at a loose end, not for long though. After the usual household chores were completed I jumped in the car and shot through to the village just in time for a steady hatch of olives below the tennis courts. I arrived just as the flies began to surface and the trout soon followed, slowly to begin with so I watched as I set up my rod. I usually have two rods in the back of the car, one tenkara rod and the other is an spin/fly rod of 7'5", I find that this covers most situations I find myself in. I chose to go with the spin/fly and in many ways it was a nice change to be casting a fly line rather than a furled line.

By the time I was set up a few trout were breaking the surface in the fast water, I decided to target the first one towards the tail of the run and was almost instantly greeted by an enthusiastic rise to my F-fly and the first trout of the year was netted for a quick photo before being returned. This was followed up by another two before the run went quite. I decided to take a walk and allow the fish to settle. There was a couple of fish rising at the picnic benches however being good Friday there was a lot of people about the farm and just as I went to cast to the riser that was tucked in behind the rock a crowd gathered on the opposite bank to watch and the fish stopped rising, tourists pfft!

I headed back to the tennis courts and worked the run with a nymph to no avail then I heard a rise behind me, I watched to see if the rise would be repeated and as my eyes followed an olive struggling to dry its wings in the nippy downstream wind and leave the water it was gobbled up by a hungry trout. I swapped the nymph for a dry fly and slack casting downstream knowing I would probably only get a couple of chances at this fish I was happy to see the fish take my fly on the first roll. Another small trout that would push half a pound in summer was into the net. Time had run out and I had to go and round up the troops and head home for movie night.

An unexpected opening to my 2016 season that turned out to be a very enjoyable session targeting risers, let's hope it's a long season filled with many more special moments to fill the memory box.