Filling The Flybox

wlaa Mon, 02/08/2016 - 17:28

I'm currently tying my 2016 Almond flybox and while it may not have all the fancy flies I used to carry I'm quite sure it will do just as well. The last couple of seasons have seen only one fly in the box and last season I chopped the hook and went hookless. This year however I'm planning to fill all 12 compartments with different flies, Wow! 12 flies, seems like a lot. While tying today I decided to turn on the phone and record a wee video of the first fly to hit the new box and I share it with you below. This is the "One Fly" I've carried for the last couple of seasons and it is both simple to tie and a killer. I'm normally happy to fish this fly dry (as intended) or wet, snip the tail and fish it as a spider or chop the collar hackle and go nymphing, experimenting in this way has really been enjoyable but it's time I made better use of my vice. All the flies I'll be tying in upcoming posts will be basic patterns, easy to tie and although the videos aren't intended as tutorials (more demonstrations) they should be easy enough to follow if you want to tie a few. Please keep in mind that these are filmed on my Iphone and remember to hit the HD button.


Dry Fly from dougie hall on Vimeo.