Dateline: Monday, February 1: 10.30am

wlaa Mon, 02/08/2016 - 17:24

The Lothians continue to be battered by rain and high winds and the Almond is raging, that is before Hurricane Henry, the eighth named storm of the current winter season, dumps whatever on our area.
I’m now trying to avoid the doom and gloom which is the nightly weather forecast but, I understand, more rain, high winds and misery is forecast.
Does the weather not respect the start of the salmon fishing season? Obviously not.
So, following an appeal for some intelligence on the West Lothian Angling Association forum about the river from another member I decided to kill two birds with one stone – dog walking and a recce at Almondvale and Calderwood Country Park, one of my favourite fishing spots.
Minutes after leaving home the heavens opened. I almost did a u-turn, however, Harvey appeared keen to stretch his legs so we pressed on, wipers at full blast.
The rain pulse died as we reached the car park. Off we went then seconds later another pulse, this time even stronger, arrived. Sheltering from the downpour at the lee of a big tree near the south car park at Almondell with another dog walker – we’re a hardy breed – I thought about calling the whole thing off.
However, we persevered and, within minutes, the rain eased. We trudged on and came to the river. Even before Henry, it was a raging torrent as my pictures and video will testify to.
The fish who have managed to make their way upstream must be tough and heaven knows what the river will be like on Tuesday after Storm Henry moves further east. Winds of up to 90mph and driving rain are forecast. When will this end? Will Spring never come.
So, if we’re considering having a clean-up I wonder what will be left. The positive is that there all shopping trollies and bikes which have been chucked into the water are likely to have been washed downstream.
Oh, and I almost forgot. Snowdrops are out and other green shoots are visible. It must be getting warmer. Roll on March 15 and the opening of the trout season, but a lot of water is likely to run under our bridges before then. Tight lines when they come but beware there are a lot of irresponsible dog walkers out there whose pets have left presents. Grrrrr

(Blog post sent by Nigel Duncan Copyright 2016)